Picture of Vectra® QuanSat™ TX1082 Pre-Wetted Cleanroom Wipers, Non-Sterile

Vectra® QuanSat™ TX1082 Pre-Wetted Cleanroom Wipers, Non-Sterile

Wiping and Cleaning.

Vectra® QuanSat™ pre-wetted cleanroom wiper is made from 100% polyester with a sealed border, processed on Texwipe’s automated cleaning system.

Vectra® advances the cleaning process and brings this technology to a higher level of wiper manufacturing.

Each lot of QuanTex™ polyester wipers are tested for cytotoxicity by the Agar Overlay method and for Bacterial Endotoxins by LAL (Limulus Amebocyte Lysate) test for an extra level of contamination control assurance. Reports available upon request (TX1086 not applicable).

Vectra® sealed border technology provides low levels of ions, NVRs (non-volatile residues), particles and fibers for use in critical cleaning applications and environments, making it more suitable in wiping and cleaning surfaces, equipment, and parts. Individually lot coded for ease of traceability and quality control.

Material Structure: 100% Polyester with a Sealed Border.

Cleanroom Environment: ISO Class 3 - 7, Class 1 - 10,000, EU Grade A - D


  • Ideal for spill control, cleaning, and solution application.
  • Pre-wetted with 0.2 µm filtered 100% IPA, 70% IPA / 30% DIW or 6% IPA / 94% DIW for ease of use.
  • Provide consistent, optimized cleaning efficiency with repeatable wetness and VOC levels.
  • Packaged in easy-to-use, recloseable slider bags reducing solution evaporation that preserves the consistent wiper wetness level.

Part Number: TX1082

Product Specs

Inner Bags: 50 wipers/reclosable bag Outer Bags: 12 bags/case Wipers Total: 600 wipers total


  • Wiping and cleaning surfaces, equipment and parts.
  • Applying and removing lubricants, adhesives, residues and other solutions including disinfectants.
  • Cleaning with solvents such as isopropyl alcohol (IPA), ethanol, acetone, and degreasers.
  • Appropriate for use with temperatures less than 400°F (205°C).