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Picture of TexWrite® 22 TX5816

TexWrite® 22 TX5816

TexWrite® cleanroom bond papers reduce the risk of particle generation associated with standard papers. They feature good strength and excellent heat resistance, making them ideal for use in standard-duty and high-speed printers and photocopiers.

TexWrite® is reinforced with a synthetic copolymer. Unlike other cleanroom papers, TexWrite® is formulated without inorganic fillers such as calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide or aluminum silicate that may be a source of ionic cleanroom contamination.

Available in white (22 & 30 lb), blue (18 & 22 lb), yellow (22 lb), and green (22 lb) to allow for easy identification as cleanroom paper or to differentiate between shifts, areas or projects.

Material/Structure: Cellulose Paper with a Polymer Reinforcement.

Cleanroom Environment: ISO Class 3 - 8, Class 1 - 100,000, EU Grade A - D.


  • Excellent toner adhesion and heat resistance makes it laser printer and photocopier compatible.
  • Cleanroom packaged.
  • Autoclavable.
  • Synthetic copolymer saturant with very low particle generation.
  • Precision-cut edges and dimensionally stable for clear reproductions.
  • No organic fillers with very low particle counts and sodium levels.
  • Formulated with high opacity for duplex writing.
  • No natural latex binders with reduced ionic and metal contamination for no risk of latex asssociated reactions.


Technical Data Sheet              Brochure

Part Number: TX5816

Product Specs

Inner Bags: 250 sheets/pack Outer Bags: 10 packs/box (case) Packaging: 2,500 sheets total


  • Standard-duty and high-speed laser printers and photocopiers
  • No risk of latex associated reactions
  • Offset printing
  • Note taking, cleanroom manuals and work instructions

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