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Picture of ESD-Safe CleanFoam® TX757E Micro Cleanroom Swab
Picture of ESD-Safe CleanFoam® TX757E Micro Cleanroom Swab
Picture of ESD-Safe CleanFoam® TX757E Micro Cleanroom Swab

ESD-Safe CleanFoam® TX757E Micro Cleanroom Swab

Texwipe’s ESD-Safe CleanFoam® TX757E Micro Cleanroom Swab features a Stat-Rite® handle*, a patented Inherently Dissipative Polymer, to provide clean ESD protection without contributing particulate contaminants to the process or environment. Thermal bond construction eliminates the risk of adhesive contamination.

TX757E is made from Texwipe's CleanFoam®, cleanroom processed 100 ppi polyurethane foam

*Stat-Rite® is a trademark of Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.


  • ESD protection with Stat-Rite® handle
  • No blooming carbon particles, metals, or ionic anti-static contaminants
  • Manufactured to exacting and consistent tolerances using high-precision automated processes
  • Packaged in an anti-static bag
  • Absorbs solvents, solutions, and grabs particulates
  • Lot coded for traceability and quality control
Part No.Head WidthHead ThicknessHead LengthHandle WidthHandle ThicknessHandle LengthTotal Swab Length
TX757E 3.8 mm (0.150") 3.4mm (0.134") 10mm (0.394") 3mm (0.118") 3mm (0.118") 80.7mm (3.177") 90.7mm (3.571")

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Part Number: TX757E

Product Specs

Inner Bags: 500 swabs/bag (5 inner bags of 100 swabs) Outer Bags: 5 bags/case Packaging: 2,500 swabs total/case


  • Applying and removing lubricants, adhesives, and other solutions in a critical clean environment with ESD concerns
  • Scrubbing recessed areas
  • Removal of excess materials or debris
  • Cleaning intersecting surfaces and joints
  • Cleaning with compatible solutions and solvents
  • Picking up fine powders
  • Appropriate for use with temperatures less than 194°F/90°C

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