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Swab Technical Data Sheets

Texwipe submits its products to rigorous testing to ensure products meet performance and contamination criteria. The data listed in the Technical Data Sheets (TDS) represent typical analyses and are not specifications. Please contact us if you have any questions or need further information.

TX NumbersProduct TypeDocument Link
STX705P, STX705W Sterile Cotton English (US)
STX708A, STX712A Sterile CleanFoam® Swabs English (US)
STX763, STX764 Sterile Spun Polyester Swabs English (US)
STX714A, STX758B, STX761 Sterile Alpha® Knit Polyester English (US)
STX705PT, STX764T Sterile Dry Collection & Transport System English (US)
TX716, TX759B, TX762 Absorbond® Polyester Swabs English (US)
TX701,TX714A, TX743B, TX754B, TX 758B, TX761 Alpha® Polyester Swabs English (US)
TX715 Alpha® Sampling Swab English (US)
TX714K, TX761K Alpha® Sampling Swab, Low TOC English (US)
TX706A, TX707A, TX708A, TX709A, TX710A, TX712A CleanFoam® Swabs, Series A English (US)
TX740B, TX741B, TX742B, TX751B, TX752B, TX757B CleanFoam® Swabs, Series B English (US)
TX700B, TX705, TX720B Cotton English (US)
TX758E, TX761D ESD - Alpha® Polyester Swabs English (US)
TX750E, TX753E, TX757E ESD - CleanFoam® Swabs English (US)
TX769E ESD - Stick English (US)
TX801, TX802 General Purpose - Polyester English (US)
TX803, TX804, TX805 General Purpose - Foam English (US)
TX714MD, TX758MD, TX761MD Microdenier English (US)
TX726 Specialty, CrushTube Pre-Wetted English (US)
SDS: English (US & Canada)
TX730 Specialty, Precision Nylon Tool English (US)
TX3340, TX3342, TX3343 TOC Cleaning Validation Kits English (US)