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Texwipe offers a range of Cleanroom Tapes, constructed from the highest quality materials available. Available in a range of sizes, colors and materials, we have a solution to your specific application. Advanced Materials.

Texwipe has explored and developed the most advanced materials available. Our Cleanroom Tapes feature:

  • Traditional, and microdenier woven and non-woven materials, commercially down to .001 denier, and in experiments down to .00004 denier
  • Bicomponent and other complex fibers
  • Virtually all man-made materials, including polyester, rayon and other cellulosics, nylon and other polyamides
  • Cotton and other natural products which have been modified to achieve new dimensions in cleanliness and particle release


Texwipe has been a longstanding leader in developing tapes for specific applications, including:

  • LMR (Longitudinal Magnetic Recording)
  • Texture
  • Pre sputter cleaning/burnish
  • Post sputter cleaning/burnish
  • Post lube wipe or clean
  • Head cleaning after dicing


Our Cleanroom Tapes are available in a variety of colors, sizes and materials for almost every use imagineable.