Picture of STX764T Dry Collection and Transport System with Polyester Swab, Sterile

STX764T Dry Collection and Transport System with Polyester Swab, Sterile

Texwipe’s STX764T Sterile Dry Collection and Transport System with Polyester Swab is constructed using 100% USP-grade spun polyester, securely bonded to a flexible polystyrene handle. The swab is placed into a 1 mm-thick medical-grade polypropylene tube with a seamless molded round-bottom design.


  • The system is designed to maintain integrity of both sample collection and sample transport
  • Medical-grade LDPE molded cap securely holds the handle for safety and sterility while sampling
  • Cap rings ensure a tight seal and protect against contamination during transport
  • The tube label has a tamper-evident seal that ensures integrity at point-of-use
  • Lot code and expiration date clearly marked on each tube
  • Fifty tubes are triple-bagged for easy introduction into sterile area
  • Triple-bagged bags are packaged in a case liner forming the fourth layer of bag protection
  • Gamma-irradiated to a Sterility Assurance Level of 10-6 and sterile validated according to AAMI guidelines
  • Tested for endotoxins, ions, and Non-Volatile Residue (NVR)
  • All spun swabs are made to exacting and consistent tolerances using high-precision automated processes
  • The polystyrene handle offers durability
Part No.Head WidthHead ThicknessHead LengthHandle WidthHandle ThicknessHandle LengthTotal Swab Length
STX764T 4.6 mm (0.181") 4.6 mm (0.181") 17.0 mm (0.669") 2.5 mm (0.098") 2.5 mm (0.098") 134.0 mm (5.276") 155.0 mm (6.102")
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Part Number: STX764T

Product Specs

Packaging: 1 swab/tube Inner Bags: 50 tubes/bag, triple bagged Outer Bags: 10 bags/case Packaging: 500 swabs/case


  • Environmental sampling
  • Cleaning with solvents such as IPA or acetone
  • Picking up fine powders
  • Surface sampling

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