Picture of Specialty Cleanroom Swabs, Non-Sterile

Specialty Cleanroom Swabs, Non-Sterile

Texwipes Specialty Cleanroom Swab Series includes a variety of swabs for different applications:

  • CrushTube Swab - IPA pre-wetted swab with a 100% polyester nonwoven material head attached to an internal vial containing 91% IPA / 9% DIW solution, which is enclosed in a protective casing.
  • Precision Dual-Tipped Swaba polypropylene handle with one pointed end and the other end flat.
  • Precision Nylon Swab &Tool - made from a 0.9 mm diameter tip constructed of bundled nylon filaments in a tube crimped into a 100% polypropylene handle. The filaments form a mini brush at the very tip. 
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Product Number Description Packaging Availability
CrushTube™ Cleanroom Swab, Non-Sterile
50 swabs/box 10 boxes/case 500 swabs total/case More Info
TX735 Precision Dual-Tipped Cleanroom Swab, Non-Sterile
50 swabs/bag 20 bags/case 1,000 swabs/case More Info
Precision Nylon Cleanroom Swab & Tool, Non-Sterile
50 swabs/bag 10 bags/case 500 swabs total/case More Info