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ISO 1-3 (Ultra-Clean)

ISO 1-3 (Ultra-Clean)

ISO 14644-1 is the international standard for airborne particulate contamination levels in cleanrooms. In the operation of cleanrooms, many factors in addition to airborne particulate cleanliness must be considered in the design, specifications, operations and control of the controlled environment.

ISO 1-3 (Class 1 or better in former FED STD 209E) represents the cleanest level of controlled environment and as such great care must be taken to ensure that all cleaning supplies that are introduced into this environment does not significantly contribute to the expected particulate burden.

Texwipe Dry Wipers, of the highest cleanliness and consistency, can be relied on to provide this assurance. We offer a full range of Ultra-Clean dry wipers such as Vertex™ HandsFree, Vectra®, Sealed-Border and synthetic laundered polyesters in a variety of substrates and sizes to meet every application.

Texwipe Dry Wipers recommended for ISO 1-3, Ultra-Clean Environments: