Picture of 24" x 36" CleanStep™ Adhesive Mat, Blue AMA243681B

24" x 36" CleanStep™ Adhesive Mat, Blue AMA243681B

Texwipe's CleanStep™ adhesive mats can be used with or without frames to provide an effective means of reducing contamination in cleanrooms and controlled environments. Constructed with 30 layers, each removable sheet has a consistent adhesive coating designed to trap particles and prevent transfer. 

Easy to install and maintain.  

30-layer mat  

Frames are not currently available to fit this mat size.

24" x 36"

Part Number: AMA243681B

Product Specs

Size: 24" x 36" Color: Blue Layer Count: 30-layer mats Packaging: 8 mats/case Frame Available: Frame: No


  • Cleanrooms and critical environment entry points, gowning rooms or ante rooms in the semiconductor, biotechnology, medical device, pharmaceutical processing, aerospace and automotive markets
  • 7 Cleanroom construction projects for minimizing and capturing dust and debris