Picture of Acetone SolvSat™ System

Acetone SolvSat™ System

QPL Listed AMS3819 SolvSat with Acetone

The Texwipe SolvSat™Canister System is a controlled delivery system for pre-wetted wipers that deliver the right amount of solvent to manual cleaning operations.

Canister System.

The pouch within a canister delivery system is designed for ease of use in a production environment and can be easily carried to the work station.

Each pouch contains a perforated roll of nonwoven wipers saturated with Acetone and packaged in a solvent-resistant pouch that fits easily into a canister where wipes are threaded through a molded opening designed to allow users to tear off wipes at their perforation for single wipe use.

Manual Cleaning Applications.

The Texwipe SolvSat Canister system is designed for manual cleaning applications and replaces squirt bottles, wipers, shop rags. By utilizing pre-wetted wipers, worker exposure to hazardous vapors is minimized, VOC emissions are lowered and the potential for spills is eliminated.

The Advantage.

Using any of the SolvSat Canister System pre-wetted wipers will help your operations to:

  • Reduce solvent preparation steps
  • Reduce storage requirements
  • Reduce VOCs
  • Reduce usage quantities
  • Reduce safety problems by eliminating squirt bottles and uncontrolled use of flammable solvents
  • Improve control over cleaning protocol with consistent wetting of wipers
  • Avoid over-saturation / under-saturation of wipers

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